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20/02/2017 - 26/02/2017 1 1 Star hotel $17 2 2 Stars hotel $23 3 3 Stars hotel $57 4 4 Stars hotel $85 5 5 Stars hotel $131
27/02/2017 - 5/03/2017 1 1 Star hotel $19 2 2 Stars hotel $22 3 3 Stars hotel $51 4 4 Stars hotel $67 5 5 Stars hotel $102

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About La Paz

Nuestra Señora de la Paz, better known internationally as La Paz, is the capital of Bolivia. The history and tradition of the city are summarized by its motto “Discords in concord, in peace and love they came together and founded a city of peace for perpetual memory”.
Surrounded by mountains and nestling in a valley, La Paz was founded in the 16th century and since then has served as the reference point to which all Bolivian town look, the capital with a vision of future prosperity for all.
The government headquarters is located in this city in La Paz Department; it is furthermore one of the country’s main centers of cultural interest and economic development. Even a quick visit to the city requires a walk down the Avenue of the 16th of July, a main thoroughfare in the heart of the city that gives an idea of the city’s history and spiritual wealth. Tourists will want to visit the temple of San Francisco, that of San Pedro and of la Merced, the church of La Carmen and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace. But aside from religious constructions, the quality of the museums has led to the construction of even more of them, like the Museum of Ethnography, the Coastal Museum and the Costumbrista Museum. It is worth the trouble to escape the natural environs of the valley of La Paz city and visit the Valley of the Moon, the Valley of the Souls, Devil’s Tooth and its peak. And for those who find La Paz too small for their liking, the region of La Paz offers a multitude of places of interest such as Achocalla, Laja and particularly Copacabana, Lake Titicaca and the Sanctuary of the Virgin Morena and Tiwanaku, of Incan origin, whose ruins show the splendor of this area’s native population. La Paz and its environs are rich in traditions and culture with many options for entertainment and leisure.

Points of Interest in La Paz

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